Home Again Property Management and Rentals LLC

Home Again Services

We make your life easier:  *We do the advertising, take the calls, show your property, and do the paperwork. 
*Rapid response to owner and tenant inquiries, and emergency response 24/7.
*We screen tenants and provide monthly accounting to you after depositing the rents into your account.
*We solve problems by preventing them, and we know the Oregon Residential Landlord/Tenant Act.
*We arrange for timely repairs as needed at competitive costs with experienced repair people and janitorial services with Nature's Paintbrush Janitorial team.  For larger repairs we refer to State licensed CCB contractors after consulting with the owner.

We improve your bottom line profits in the short and long term.  Trusted and Dependable, HOME AGAIN.
Our fee is a competitive 7 - 12% of gross rents, depending on the nature and number of units. 

Real Estate Property Management is clearly a service-oriented business.  Because of our committment to management service and pride in our reputation, we devote as many resources and as much effort as necessary to fulfill our obligations to a client.  This is particularly true during the transition process when we first assume management or if extra service is required during major improvement programs.  We use signage, the internet, local newspapers, and the synnergy of having many apartments, houses, multiplexes, and commercial offices to manage.  
Home Again has become one of Yamhill County's largest and most effective management companies since our beginning in 2006.



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