Home Again Property Management and Rentals LLC

Dave Leavitt - complete turnaround in 6 months

We contracted with Home Again Property Management (Tim McDaniel) in April of 2011. Our experiences with the two other local property management companies had left us in need of desperate changes. Reports of unreturned phone calls from tenants and prospective renters were constantly being received. One of our commercial buildings was 75% vacant and the mortgage had us in dure need of some aggressive marketing.

Tim took on the chanllenge of filling our vacancies and updating the leases on two commercial buildings in McMinnville. As of the middle of December 2011, he achieved 100% occupancy in both of our buildings (something we never dreamed possible).

This was accomplished through innovative marketing, networking, and old fashioned hard word; ( example: cold calls to possible tenants and advertising). Tim is highly motivated and a powerhouse of energy. I'm sure this is the last property management company we will ever need or use.

Dave Leavitt.



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