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About Home Again Property Management and Rentals

Here is what we are about: Aggressive and comprehensive advertising, thorough screening, low vacancy rates, prompt collection of rents, regular monitoring of your property, low expenses to owners as needed, punctual disbursement of rents and Income/Expense reports, knowledge and adherance to Oregon's tenant laws, and personal service by each of our team: owner/manager, accounting, janitorial, landscape maintenance, and site managers.  Knowledge of this market is what we are about.

Integrity and Property Management go hand-in-hand.  My job of property management as owner and licensed Property Manager for Home Again is a combination of protecting property, earning good income for owners' property investments, observing laws that benefit tenants, hiring vendors only as needed and at reasonable cost, and providing clean and accurate records for owners and agencies as needed. 

Bookkeeping is our strength.  Each month the accounts of Home Again are handled by a local bookkeeper/accountant individual whose training began as a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley; Honors College, School of Accounting.

We solve problems by preventing them.  My objective in providing this service is "worry free" rental property ownership for you.  My team prides itself in knowing the rental market in this community.



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